Isaac Li

Executive Producer / Co-Founder

Charlie Chen

Executive Producer / Co-Founder

Ssong Yang

Director / Co-Founder

Henry Chen

Director / Co-Founder

Su Sheng Yang

Director / Chief Designer

Cindy Ho

Assistant Producer


Public Relations


LUCKYSPARKS is an integrated production company with a passion for sophisticated ideas, finesse and imagination. We craft video content by using compelling stories to reflect core principles and ideas, allowing our viewers to build a deeper and personal connection.
Our rare talent of directors and experienced producers make for a well-balanced team, taking on ideas with efficiency and flair, offering a new perspective. Our goal is to create thoughtful, intuitive and polished work that are honest and genuine. We hold in high regards our understanding of eastern and western values to deliver an exceptionally unique perspective, working together with a diverse team from all backgrounds offering a novel experience.
We believe that making a human connection starts at the core of every story, and in every story a passion to tell it.