Deepblu - Dive on

Lei Tao



[ Dive on. ]

by John Reilly

we move around on social planes
in the present i can see perspectives
and look the elements
meet strangers like minded
pleasing efforts to break ice, words with smiles
share time enjoy the bonds binding
discover through exploration
wonder upon the waves we need for the voyage
use the toys to collect our memories never spoiled
jump in deeply, make your heart beat excited frequencies
immerse in stillness
the in betweens to tranquility
the shared moments will give birth to stories
mark the past
and keep that life
we are all connected in some way, lets make the most important thing...how
so dive on.


Client : Deepblu
Production Company : LUCKYSPARKS

Talent : Mark & 楊志龍
Poem : John Reilly

Executive Producer : Charlie Chen
Director : Lei Tao
Head of Production : Joseph Liu
Producer : Olan Huang 黃建樺
Director of Photography : Kevin Lee
Underwater Cinematographer : Howard 君豪

Editor : Norman Cheng,Henry Chen,Lei Tao
Composer : Howie Yu
VFX : Allen Chen (Finger and Toe)
Voice Actor : John Reilly

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